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Impact Gymnastics offers girls recreational gymnastics classes of all levels, competitive gymnastics and tumbling classes. For our younger gymnasts we offer Toddler time and Preschool classes. Looking for a Boy’s Gymnastics class? We have those too!
Now Enrolling for Summer Classes!  We offer Gymnastics classes, Tumbling Classes, Boys Gymnastics, Clinics, Parents Day Out and Toddler Time. Sign up now! Spots are limited! Book a memorable and fun birthday party with us! We host field trips too!

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 Amanda C: IMPACT Gymnastics has been amazing for my two girls. I didn’t know what to expect when we joined as we were new to Gymnastics. My oldest daughter is 7 years old and was on TEAM Level 2, and my youngest daughter was in the PreK class.  IMPACT truly has the most amazing coaches in the central Arkansas area. They are more than just a coach to my girls. They are dedicated to helping the girls strive to meet goals, new skills, and be a team oriented family while at IMPACT. I can’t say enough incredible things about IMPACT as we have truly been blessed to see my girls learn and grow from them. We are military and just moved, but will ALWAYS have a special place in our heart for IMPACT and can’t wait to come back and be a part of the team when we come back! 


 Shirley C: I love Gym Impact because of many reasons. First, the coaches are caring, positive, attentive, and give extra help when needed. The coaches are organized as I take note that roll is taken at each class and warm-ups proceed afterwards. We are in the beginner's class and any encouragement goes a long way. Coach Chris always has hugs to give out when the children greet her. Coach Pauline has a most loving attitude when classes have been combined because of illness or emergencies. It is truly a "team" effort to meet the needs of each child. Coach Kelly has been positive with a smile and a yes you can attitude! The gym is clean and ample seating for the parents or guardians to observe. There is a water break and sometime a potty break every 20-30 minutes. The children eagerly fall into line after a brief drink. Never have I heard a coach yell or scream or have a short temper at the gym. I have been blessed to see my grandchild progress in the beginner's class. It has been money well spent and the experience has been positive for her and for me. I have made friends( at the gym) with other mom, dads, grandparents, etc. The flip in spring was an excellent way to show working parents, that may not get to see their child perform weekly, their child's progress and to inspire and encourage what their child could do (skills) if they continue with gym classes. Yes, it encourages the beginner student as we heard numerous times, I want to be big and do that, how did she do that, did you see that. The flip in spring was well organized, as a former teacher that is a biggie. Each student performed to the best of his or her ability. The coach gave a skill and the child performed. These were NOT new skills but achieved or emerging skills. The younger students were given the opportunity to watch team members and preteam members perform. What an inspiration! Smiles, high fives, hugs were abundant. I would recommend Gym Impact as a positive, safe, activity for any child with a flicker of desire. Impact Gym is worth your consideration. Coaches are friendly and will answer your concerns and the office can help with details, fees, clothes, etc. 

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