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Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive gymnastics provides opportunities to learn so much more than gymnastics skills. It provides a great place to learn the importance of setting goals, making steps towards achieving them, and feeling success when those goals are reached. It teaches how to deal with disappointment and overcome it, how to take corrections, hard work, discipline and leadership. Team gives these girls something to be committed to, all while doing the sport they love! It is a blessing to watch girls that started out at the beginning, to grow and become leaders in the gym! Our goal? Make a positive IMPACT on these girls with lessons they will carry with them long after their hours spent in the gym!

Our girls team participates in both the Xcel and Developmental Program through USA Gymnastics. We compete at local, state and regional events. Is your daughter interested in competition and just begging for one of those sparkly leotards? Talk to our front desk about being evaluated for placement in our Pre-Team classes! We will be happy to answer any questions about competition that you may have!

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